Energy Network, LLC – Save on your Electricity & Natural Gas through Energy Deregulation

Energy Network, LLC  is a leading team of Independent Representatives across the nation. We support reducing our country’s dependency on foreign and fossil fuels, improving the environment through sustainable green energy, creating jobs in the USA, supporting charities, and helping others improve their financial independence and well-being.

Energy Deregulation

In the past, and still in many US states, consumers have little choice of their energy provider. In non-deregulated states, local utilities have a virtual monopoly in their territories and consumers are subject to whatever those local utilities offer. This is not always a negative thing, but choice ultimately drives competition, which generally reduces prices and clears the way for better solutions, improved efficiency, and new business opportunities for individuals, which would otherwise not be possible.
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Renewable Energy

Most energy is created by burning coal, natural gas, oil, wood or nuclear elements. These are all non-renewable resources. Once you burn something, it is used up and cannot be used again. Also, we have limited amounts of these resources, so once we use them all up, they are basically gone forever. Then what will we do?
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Wind Energy in the United States

Wind energy has had an up and down battle for general acceptance into the North American power grid. As with most renewable resources, it is currently still more costly than non-renewable resources. However, things are changing. Improvements are being made continuously and wind is beginning to make major headways. In fact, according to AWEA, since 2007, wind has added 35% to the generating capacity of the US, twice what coal & nuclear have.
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Supporting Charities through Energy Deregulation

One of the most satisfying and healthy things we can do in life is to help others. But honestly, most of us are so busy, we are not able to invest the time to volunteer at a soup kitchen, visit the elderly, help build a home, be a big brother, etc.

In addition to these modest simple thoughts, there are countless charities and other organizations that need funding to support research into curing diseases, mitigating the effects of hunger, famine, natural disasters, animal cruelty, and the list goes on.
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Residual Income Opportunities in Energy Deregulation

Warren Buffet has said, “Energy deregulation will be the largest transfer of wealth in history.”

It’s been called a, “Personal Economic Recovery.” The opportunity for individuals to prosper from energy deregulation is simply enormous.

It happened in the airline industry, it happened in the telecom industry, NOW it is happening in the energy industry. There are opportunities to generate up front and residual income by informing others and helping them to make a choice, and then showing them how easy it is to inform others, etc.
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